Milly Chebby, Terence Creative speak on their beef with Jackie Matubia.

The wife of comedian Terence Creative, Milly Chebby has clearly stated there is a problem in her relationship with her long time friend Jackie Matubia.

In an interview with Commentator, the mother of one child noted misunderstanding with the actress who has been her close friend for many years is a part of life.

“We were very angry, we used to call each other ‘we’, I know there are people out there who are broken hearted, don’t worry. There is always something in life happens so you can better understand it,” said Milly Chebby.

She added, “Sometimes you even fight with your husband and you miss the times when you used to share stories with him. You again happen to be having a juicy gossip itching you, but the thought he wronged you yesterday, you go silent with your story. It’s life,”

Milly, however, denied earlier claims that she had once claimed her former friend was single.

“When we were friends, we were just friends. When we were a family, we were a family as we were and as it stood, I honestly didn’t think that one of us would go out in public and say this and that. But one thing is true, I have never stood up and said Jackie has no husband, I have never,” she said.

In addition, the content creator asked for any evidence of her claiming Jackie Matubia does not have a husband to be made public if the allegations are true.

Speaking about the broken friendship between his wife and Ms Matubia, Terence also noted that conflicts between close people are a part of life.

“If someone is your sister, even if you disagree, she is still your sister. Maybe your difference can make you a little bit different for a while if you try, what is the stupidity that brought us together and how do we solve it? It’s a very good thing sometimes to sit apart so you can understand each other, you can appreciate each other so you can understand where you scratch each other as sisters,” Terence said.

The popular comedian asked Kenyans to stop pushing malicious agendas that are not true as misunderstandings between friends and lovers are common.

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