Meet Bungoma Woman Working At The Mjengo Site In The UK Earning Ksh 22,329 Daily After Losing Elections

  • She left Kenya for the UK in 2023 after losing the 2022 general election to become the Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Bungoma County’s Khalaba ward.
  • She claimed that realising there weren’t many career options in Kenya was another factor in her decision to move to the UK.

Kenyans who migrate to nations like the US and the UK, which are perceived as having a wealth of chances, are usually satisfied to find high-paying jobs in comparison to their native country.

Arriving in the UK, Millicent made the decision to look into work options as a labourer in the construction sector.

“I decided to join my family in the UK after the polls showed that I had no reason to stay in Kenya,” Millicent said.

As a competent person, I saw a void in the building sector. I then went through the required processes in the UK. The requisite skill level, RQF 3 or above (equal to A Level and above), has to be met by the employment offer.

Among other requirements, I also had to meet the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ English language requirement,” she clarified.

Millicent finds that her job both mentally and physically challenging as she is certainly employed as a labourer.

Her daily responsibilities encompass site preparation, material handling, and providing assistance to proficient labourers in duties such as demolition and concrete mixing and pouring. She helps to keep a building site tidy and safe by using small gear.

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Millicent is proud of her crucial role as a team player, making sure that the building process moves forward quickly while upholding safety regulations.

In order to contribute to the overall success of construction projects, she also has to obey supervisory instructions and work closely with other construction specialists.

“I put in nine hours a day of hard labour and make 13 pounds an hour, which is 2,481.61 Kenyan Shilling,” she disclosed.

Citing the UK’s comparatively low home tax in comparison to other nations, Millicent argues that the income is sustainable in the country.

According to Millicent, taxes in the UK consistently contribute to the development and welfare of the people.

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She is now enrolled in a 6-week welding course with the goal of making Ksh 61,000 every day. Millicent is driven by her desire to attain the financial security required to travel back to Kenya and run for the Senate seat in Bungoma coming next elections.

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