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Mambo Imechemka: Oga’s children Ask For a DNA Test To prove He Is Their Real Father

Oga Obinna, a comedian, was put in a challenging situation when his four children insisted on having a DNA test.

Ada, his third child, started the conversation by pointing out that she felt completely different from her siblings due to two things: first, she is lighter-skinned and has dimples, which Obinna and her mother do not have.

Ada doesn’t resemble her younger sister, who they both have the same mother.

The four children unanimously told Obina that they suspect he is not their father because of the differences in their appearances and likes although the skin colour of some is similar Obinna’s.

His eldest kid said, “I don’t give a damn about my dad kama nitapata wewe si dad wangu, si tumeshaendelea na wewe, life moves on.”

“Wewe si Baba yangu sitajali, kama sitapata wewe.” Brianna, the second child, remarked, “Mbona nimtafute (the real dad), si yeye ndio aliniacha, angenitafuta.”

Initially, I would like to say that I am sorry for your child’s loss. First and foremost, nitamtafuta. Third-born Ada and last-born Lola both declared that, should Obinna decline to adopt them, they would rather live on the streets and not give a damn about her original father.

On the other hand, Obinna confronted them, asking them what they would do if they discovered later on that he was not their biological father.

But, Obinna reassured them that he is their father and refused to comply with their requests to take the paternity test.

Since I can’t imagine my life without you, I won’t take a DNA test for you guys. Nitaanzia wapi With or without a DNA test, we end this story with you guys being my babies. “You guys are my people, DNA test nitawafanyia mkishakuwa wakubwa,” the comedian remarked.

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Obinna has three baby mamas and four children. Despite co-parenting with his baby moms, he has acknowledged in the past that it is not an easy task.


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