Kibe In Hot Water As Akothee Files Legal Action Against Him

  • Andrew Kibe, a content creator and Youtuber, is in hot trouble as a result of Akothee filing a lawsuit for discrediting her name.
  • Akothee indicates she presented a claim for damages against Andrew Kibe for using her brand name and photographs without her authorization.

According to Akothee, she issued the legal notice to the controversial blogger following multiple previous insults aimed at her.

Kibe and Akothee beef

Since April, the drama between Akothee and Kibe has been trending online. It reached a climax when Kibe compared the bedroom competencies of Akothee and CAS Millicent Omanga.

Akothee then went on to share an extended post on his social media pages, accusing Kibe of having poor libido. She even accused him of not being able to seduce a bee.

Akothee’s lawsuit against Kibe

She wrote to Andrew Kibe, stating that the content creator was abusing her brand.

According to Akothee’s management, Kibe is damaging their brand and diminishing its reputation.

Other claims include using and sharing Akothee’s images on his accounts without her consent, tagging Akothee’s brand, and causing distress and difficulty to her family.

The letter was little more than a stern warning to Andrew Kibe before the rest could come. They requested that Kibe ceases referencing or using Akothee’s photo on his social media pages.

Kibe, on the other hand, has dismissed the letter as forgery. According to him, Akothee failed to provide legal representation as required by law.

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