How to Apply For A National Identity Card In Kenya

  • For qualified persons, applying for a national identity card in Kenya is a simple process. To begin, acquire the essential paperwork, such as your birth certificate, ID cards for your parents or guardians, and any supporting documents.

Eligibility: Make sure you meet the requirements for acquiring a national identity card. In general, you must be a Kenyan citizen aged 18 or older.

Documents Required: Gather the documents required for the application process. Typical examples include:

  • Original and a photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • a copy of your parents’ or guardians’ national identification cards if you are older than 18.
  • You will want a copy of your passport or your foreign birth certificate if you were born outside of Kenya.
  • a copy of your marriage license if you are married.
  • any additional proof of support that the registration authorities may require.

Locate the Registration Center: Look for the National Registration Bureau (NRB) or Huduma Centre office that is closest to you. These are the locations where you are permitted to apply for a national identity card. For the precise location and business hours of the closest centre, you can consult the official government websites or get in touch with the local registration authorities.

To apply, complete the form: Download an application form from the official government websites or pick one up at the registration centre. Give the necessary information a precise and legible fill-in. The employees at the centre can assist you if you need them.

Application Submission: Go to the registration facility within the prescribed business hours after completing the application form and gathering all required documentation. Provide the registration officer with your application form and the necessary paperwork. They will examine the data and handle your application.

After submitting your application, you will go through biometric data collection, which entails taking a digital photo and your fingerprints. Your national identity card will be created using this data.

You will receive an acknowledgement slip after your application has been completed and your biometric data has been collected. This receipt demonstrates that you have applied for a national identity card. Store it safely for future use.

Waiting Period: Although the time it takes to process a national identity card can vary, it usually takes a few weeks to months. Your application will be checked during this period, and your ID card will be generated.

Receiving Your National Identity Card: You will be notified when your national identity card is prepared for pickup. Bring your acknowledgement slip and any other required documentation to the registration centre. Give the registration officer the acknowledgement slip so they can issue you a national identification card.

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