Eliud Kichoge Invited to Address Manchester United Players  

  • Elliud Kipchoge has been invited to England to motivate Manchester United’s players.

Sir Rackliffe, Manchester United’s new owner, has hired former record holder and marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge as a motivational speaker to the team. He will also have the opportunity to encourage the players on mental toughness and endurance in a bid to turn around the club’s fate.

Eliud is one of the few athletes from around the world who have been given this privilege.

Elliud Kipchoge will have a second chance to work with Sir Racktliffe. The first took place during the Sub Two Hours Marathon, which was sponsored by Ineos, the new Manchester United owner’s corporation.

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Sir Racktliffe, who just purchased shares in the team, believes that Manchester can yet regain its dominance in European football.

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