Celebrating Majirani: The Journey of a Former GrandPa Record Artist Who Worked as a Mjengo Labourer to Becoming a Football Coach

  • Majirani was signed to the Grandpa Entertainment label before its demise in 2017.
  • He returned to hustling in a construction site “Mjengo” in Eldoret before obtaining a passport to try his luck abroad.

Majirani was a football player before entering the music industry. He might double both, believing that his goals will come true one day.

Majirani as an Artist from Granpa Records

Between 2013 and 2015, Majirani was part of a musical trio that lightened up Grandpa records. Reffigah managed the label, which featured brand names such as DNA, Ameleena, Dogo Biggie, Visita, Sosuun, KenRazy, and others.

Majirani teamed with colleagues Visita and Kenrazy on the hit song “Hivyo ndio kunaendanga.” He also has his favourite track called “Tukumbukeko.”

Majirani’s  exit from GrandPa records

As the saying goes, everything that has a beginning will eventually come to an end.
During an interview in 2017, Reffigah revealed that the Granpa studios had been raided by thieves who fled with significant studio equipment. Because of financial difficulties, the label parted before relaunching back years later.

DNA and other artists were among the first to declare their departure, followed by many others. Majirani was therefore forced to return to his Eldoret neighbourhood where he participated in football activities.

Before migrating out of the country, he was able to work as a construction worker in the country.

Majirani working as a Mjengo worker overseas

Majirani relocated to Qatar after successfully obtaining a passport. He worked as a ‘Mjengo worker’ in Qatar on a contract time before flying to Canada and later to Poland Europe.

In contrast to Africa, foreign countries provide a good wage to labourers. A mjengo Worker, for example, makes between $40 and $50 per hour. This equates to 5000-6000 Kenya shillings each hour.

Majirani graduated as a football manager

Majirani successfully returned to the country after working overseas. As a go-getter and a passionate individual, he pursued his dreams in the sports and entertainment industries. Majirani, a football enthusiast, engaged in coach training and graduated with a CAF licence as a trained football coach.

Majirani, the rapper, is still making songs despite all of his difficulties and frustrations. He has also started a firm where he recruits and hires young people who want to travel overseas for job opportunities.

Overall, Majirani is an excellent example of a young person who has overcome adversity. His hard work and determination have served as an inspiration to many young people going through similar experiences.


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