List of Kenyan LGBTQ Celebrities You Might Not Be Aware Of: Revealed

  • After years of hiding, several Kenyan celebrities came out to publicly disclose their sexual identity.
  • Among those on the list are the most prominent public figures who are at the forefront of promoting and acting through culture.

The list, developed based on our research as a Kenyan trend, includes those who have come out publicly. As part of the entertainment team, we accept everyone’s decision and have no intention of demeaning anyone.

What is Kenya’s LGBTQ community like?

The LGBTQ community is a culture in which persons of the same gender engage in a love relationship that can last even in the bedroom.

The culture originated in Western countries and spread fast to African countries. Members of the community are identified by the display of the Rainbow colours. Their dress is distinct from the rest, and in most cases, they wear a rainbow mark to aid with identification.

Countries such as Uganda have already signed a bill protecting homosexuals and lesbians into law.

List of LGBTQ-identified celebrities from Kenya


One of the band members of Sautisol is Chimano. Fans initially had doubts about his sense of style and attire. The artist came out in 2022 to say that he was sick of hiding his true self and that he is, in fact, a member of the LBTQ community.

Despite this, Chimano has remained discreet and has not revealed the person he is dating.

Njeri Makena

Makena, an entrepreneur, is an LGBTQ activist and a part of the members of the LGBTQ community. Before their breakup in 2022, Makena was known to have dated fellow woman, Mitchelle Natalami.

Her precise relationship status is unclear. She hasn’t come out to say if she is still a powerful member or not.

Mitchelle Natalami

Mitchelle is an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ community. The businesswoman was in a relationship with Makena Njeri before their breakup in 2022.

Just like her Ex-girlfriend, Makena Njeri, her current situation is uncertain. Regardless of it, she has been seen on numerous occasions with female musician Fena Gitu.

Kelvin Kinuthia

Kelvin Kinuthia is a well-known content developer and cross-dresser. His fashion sense has attracted a large number of followers who have fallen in love with his material. In most cases, he portrays real-life female characters in his videos.

Despite all of the confusion from fans, Kelvin Kinuthia has yet to come out and speak about his gender.

As Kenyan Trend and his number-one fan, we enjoy his content and we have not been convinced that Kinuthia is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Mpenzi Chokuu

Mpenzi Chokuu is a man portraying the role of a lady.

Mpenzi Choku, though not by his real name, is a Kenyan living in Germany, Europe. In most of his films, he refers to himself as a husband snatcher. Particularly he deals with elderly men.

According to mpenzi chokuu, he prefers older men since they transform the lives of most young girls.

  • Other artists include musician Noti Flow.
    Almasi, a former Machahari actor, and many others.

The list goes on and on; we have over 1000 Kenyans that support the LGBTQ community. Some of them are known but have yet to fully announce to the public. We also have other content creators who use the LGBTQ community as fodder to acquire recognition.


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