Catherine Njeri’s Friends Arrested in Connection to Her Murder

  • Njeri died after falling from the seventh floor of a residential building
  • She was last seen in the company of five friends, who were arrested to help police with investigations.

Catherine Njeri, a former student at the Kenya Institute of Management, died on 21st May in mysterious circumstances minutes after partying at a friend’s house.

The 23-year-old fell from the 7th floor of a residential building and was reported to have been seen on the rooftop with her friend’s boyfriend before she fell to her death.

Reports indicate that Njeri had been partying with five of her friends up to around 9.30 pm. She then went to the rooftop pavilion accompanied by her friend’s boyfriend. At around 11 pm, she fell to her death.

The caretaker heard a loud bang and went outside to check what was happening. He allegedly informed the revelers who were still in the house that their friend Njeri had died tragically. According to the caretaker, her friends were panicked and scared.

Her friends were arrested in connection to her mysterious passing and will be detained for ten days to allow police to complete their investigations into the incident. Kiambaa police commissioner said the five were last seen with the deceased before the incident happened.

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