Abel Mutua’s Shocking Reasons for Not Wanting More Children with Judy Nyawira

Kenyan filmmaker and content creator Abel Mutua, also known as ‘Mkurugenzi’, recently spoke out about a profound and emotional experience he had in the delivery room as his wife, Judy Nyawira, was giving birth.

During an open talk on Judy Nyawira’s YouTube channel, Abel described the severe emotional rollercoaster he experienced while witnessing his wife go through the agony of childbirth.

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He vividly remembered the sense of helplessness that overcame him as he watched Judy in agonising pain.

In a lighthearted moment, Abel recalled holding on the maternity bed bars for support, an action that had left a lasting effect on him. Reflecting on the incident, Abel voiced his unwillingness to ever return to the birth room, claiming that the memory of that day haunts him even 14 years later.

He described how watching his wife in anguish and being unable to relieve her greatly upset him, reinforcing his decision to avoid future visits to the labour department.

Abel also went down memory road, recalling the unusual path to motherhood that he and Judy travelled when they were younger. Giving up their carefree youth to raise their daughter Stephanie Mumbua in their early twenties meant saying goodbye to their carefree childhood.

Abel talked about the sacrifices they made as young parents and the pleasure and delight they feel now that Mumbus, as they nickname her, is a boarding school student.

As Mumbus begins her boarding school life, Abel and wife finds himself loving the newfound freedom recognising their decision to totally embrace this new chapter of their lives.

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