Pesa Otas: Mungai Eve gift Moya David Kenya shilling 100,000 on his birthday.

Tiktoker Moya David was overjoyed when YouTuber Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Director Trevor surprised him with a large sum of money on his birthday.

Even though the fact that she spent a lot of money on her recent birthday. Mungai Eve felt driven to express her love for a fellow Content creator. Together with director Trevor, her boyfriend.

As David Moya celebrated his birthday, the talented dancer received gifts of over a hundred of thousand. Trevor and Eve both handed in Ksh 50,000 each.

YouTubers Nicolas Kioko, Vincent Mboya, Trudy Kitui, 2Mbili, and presenter Ali are among those on the list. Everyone sending at least Ksh 10,000 via Mpesa.

The party was held on April 15th at a location that was unidentified.

Watch here,

Aston Lukoye

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