Gachagua Addresses President Ruto’s Statements About a Female Deputy President

On Thursday, only a day before International Women’s Day, President Ruto launched the Women Governors Caucus G7 strategy in Nairobi, expressing his appreciation for the contributions of Kenya’s seven female governors not only to their counties but to the country as a whole.

Ruto claimed that he and a few members of the Kenya Kwanza government have reached an agreement that in the coming years when a president is a man, there should be a woman heading a deputy president.

He also stated that they have discussed plans to have 30% of the gubernatorial seats occupied solely by women, citing women’s consistent ability to outperform men in their roles.

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Regarding the deputy president being occupied by a woman, many people were concerned about Rigathi Gachagua’s status in 2027, when Ruto will be running for a second term, and the majority believed he would be ousted.

Undoubtedly, Rigathi Gachagua has responded to the situation, alleging that a majority misinterpreted President Ruto’s statements.

Gachagua stated, “One thing that we did not understand is that Ruto claimed his remarks will start applying in 2032 when they are already done with their leadership.”

He claimed that the system would stay unchanged in 2027, implying that he would continue to assist Ruto in running the country.
The law requiring a female deputy president will be worked on in detail after President Ruto leaves office since there are items that are now being worked on and may not be completed by 2027, so putting a new person in office implies that things may not go as planned.

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Gachagua stated that women should relax because their job as deputy president will begin in 2032 when a new government will be installed.


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