Popularly known Mzungu Frank Rahma, Claims His Kikuyu Wife left Him Bankrupt

Frank Rahma, a Belgian TikToker living in Kenya, has voiced open guilt for his emotional and financial commitments in a relationship with a Kikuyu woman.

Frank, formerly known as Frank Murugi, openly described his present financial troubles as a result of a three-year relationship with the woman in a video that went viral. He now admits that his affection was misdirected toward the wrong person.

Frank, who was previously married to Murugi, a 22-year-old Kenyan woman, announced their divorce in February 2023. The pair has a daughter together.

When Frank introduced Rahma, another lady, as his second wife, their relationship began to deteriorate. This deed also included introducing his children to Rahma, which is thought to have been a deciding element in Murugi’s decision.

During that time, Frank practiced polygamy and frequently visited Rahma in Belgium. He previously stated on TikTok, “I’ve returned to Belgium to spend quality time with Rahma and my children.” I’ll be staying for the next three months. After spending so much time with Murugi since my visit to Kenya in November 2022, Rahma and my children deserve some of my attention. While Murugi may be concerned, given how much time I’ve spent with her, the moment has come to prioritize Rahma and my children.”

Regardless of the motivation for his statement, it is clear that Frank is still dealing with the emotional fallout from his divorce. His next steps after this difficult experience are unknown.


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