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Mulamwah Reveals He Has Moved to Court to Sue His Baby Mama, Sonie

Mulamwah has finally served a notice to Carrol Sonie of intent to sue her over defamation and denial to see their daughter.

  • Mulamwah has now served a notice to sue Sonia over defamation and denial to see his daughter.
  • Mulamwah and Sonie have been engaging in an online war since they parted ways
  • He has sought court assistance after diplomacy failed.

Reasons why Mulamwah is now Suing Carrol Sonie

Mulamwah and Carrol have been engaging in an online war for some time now. Their difference widens after Mulamwah got married to his bestie.

According to Mulamwah Sonnie has been defaming him through her YouTube channel where she has been claiming that Mulamwah is a deadbeat father.

In addition, Mulamwah claims that Sonnie has denied him access to their daughter and she only sees her online

Sonnie has also changed the name of their daughter removing Mulamwah’s name without their common consent, causing further defamation.

Today it’s an early kickoff. If you have time you can read don’t be quick to point fingers. mambo ni court sasa. Diplomacy failed let’s try it in in Newtons. Don’t judge always pray.

Mulamwah has served a notice to sue Sonnie over defamation;

We refer to the above matter and further to our letter dated 26th September 2022 which did not elicit a response. We write to you on behalf of our client, Mr. David Oyando, who expresses deep concern over the recent defamatory statements made by you through your YouTube Channel.


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