List of Multibillion-Shilling Assets, Ventures, And Properties Held By Mugithi Singer Samidoh

Samwel Muriithi, often known as Samidoh, is a well-known Kenyan artist who has overcome adversity to achieve great success.

After losing his parents at the age of five, he handled life on his own while his siblings struggled to make ends meet. Samidoh, 34, was born in 1990 and is the third child in a family of six (four boys and two girls). After finishing his form four education, he began his musical adventure, moving to Nairobi in search of greater chances.

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Examining Samidoh’s assets, which contribute to his millionaire status, reveals a varied success story. To begin with, his YouTube channel is a profitable operation, with over 500,000 members and earning more than 200,000 Kenyan shillings every video, with each upload having upwards of 400,000 views.

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Furthermore, Samidoh founded the Mugiithi Club, a location that frequently welcomes powerful and wealthy politicians, generating a sizable income from their backing.

Three rental apartments are also part of the artist’s financial portfolio, and they each make a substantial contribution to his total fortune. Essentially, Samidoh’s many endeavours showcase his fortitude and enterprising nature, demonstrating how he has overcome obstacles to attain exceptional achievements in the gospel and Afro music genres.

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