“Khaligraph Alinikataa Juu Kiuno Ni Fupi” Dem Wa Facebook Says

  • Dem Wa Facebook, a popular comedian, describes why she was rejected by rapper Khaligraph Jones due to her petite body.
  • The well-known Churchill show comedian said in a recent interview, which has since attracted widespread attention.

Dem Wa Facebook Rejected By Khaligraph Jones

Dem Wa Facebook disclosed earlier this year that she has a crush on popular Kenyan artist Khaligraph Jones. According to her, she was intrigued by Khaligraph Jones’ huge muscles and chest.

Khaligraph Jones, a habitual Gym lover, has been able to build muscles as a result of his discipline in his workouts. Something that was adored by Dem Wa Facebook

Dem Wa Facebook also expressed gratitude for Khaligraph Jones’ personality and routine.

Unfortunately, Dem Wa’s Facebook love for Khaligraph Jones did not go well as she was rejected by the OG.

According to Dem Wa Facebook, Khaligraph was not interested in her because of her narrow waist.

“Khaligraph alinikataa juu kiono yangu ni fupi kama Eulogy ya Chokora” explained Dem Wa Facebook.

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On the other hand, Khaligraph is contentedly settled and has a married family. something he has been working to keep under wraps because of his love and respect for his family.

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