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Jaguar Addresses Rumours That He is The Father of Hamisa Mobeto’s Child

CAS Charles Njagua Kanyi, better known by his stage name Jaguar, is pleading with liars to cease spreading false information that he is the father of the son of Tanzanian socialite, aspiring actress, and businesswoman Hamisa Mobeto.

Despite rumours that have been circulating online since 2020, the lawmaker insists he is not Dylan’s (Hamisa’s kid, whom she shares with Tanzanian bongo singer Diamond Platinumz) biological father.

“Although I see myself tagged in several of his pictures, Hamisa’s son is not my kid. In an attempt to put an end to the allegations that have followed him, the “Kigeugeu” hitmaker said, “I guess Hamisa knows exactly who her child’s father is.”

Jaguar claimed he would not voluntarily neglect his child and that he would not deprive him of the chance to socialise and get to know his Kenyan siblings in an attempt to further distance himself from the accusations (Jaguar has 5 kids with 3 baby mamas.)

He continued by explaining that he had only had two meetings with the upcoming Tanzanian artist, the most recent of which occurred three weeks ago when Hamisa travelled to Kenya to celebrate her 29th birthday in style.

If Dylan were mine, why would I ignore him while taking care of the others? Don’t you think he would be hanging out with them?Jaguar continued, obviously displeased with the claims.

When the politician-turned-artist from Kenya openly acknowledged having fathered a child in Tanzania years ago without providing any other details, rumours that he was also Hamisa’s biological father began to circulate.

After the now-CAS tagged Hamisa in an Instagram post wishing Dylan a happy birthday, which has since been removed, things appear to have gotten worse in 2020.

The CAS insists that Dylan is not his child and that his association with the Tanzanian socialite is just platonic now that the proverbial chickens have come home to roost, with internet users pointing out the remarkable similarity between Dylan and Jaguar’s other children.

Someone played “Billie Jean,” a popular song by the late Michael Jackson.

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