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“He’s Good in Bed, na Ako na Pesa,” says Manzi Wa Kibera Describing Her Older Lover.

The most controversial female socialite in Kenya, Manzi Wa Kibera also known as Wamboo, introduced her older lover last year.

Despite the fact that the man is older than she is, Wamboo asserts that they are a perfect match and that she will stay with him forever.

The man appears to be too old, but according to Manzi Wa Kibera, he is great in bed. She alleged that he showers her with gifts and has an extremely seductive bedroom routine. She also added that he gives her a lot of money.

The 65-year-old man has a huge fortune and is the proprietor of a large number of garages in Nairobi. The age of Manzi wa Kibera is just 26. He is a Kilimambogo native. The elderly man revealed during the interview that his wife passed away in 2007 and that he had been alone until he met Manzi Wa Kibera.

Manzi Wa Kibera, on the other hand, proclaimed her intention to settle down and her eagerness to become a mother alongside the Oldman. She asserted that she is the man’s pension and that she is now delighted with who she is.

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The two lovers are enjoying their relationship and have been on various vacations together.

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