Content Creator Crazy Kennar Opens up on YouTube Earnings

  • Crazy Kenner revealed that he started earning from YouTube after two years.
  • YouTube is not his main source of income.

In a recent interview, popular content creator Kennar shared his perspective on YouTube earnings and his content creation process.

Kennar emphasized that he does not rely solely on YouTube as his primary source of income, cautioning against expecting consistent payments from the platform.

While YouTube pays well, the payment fluctuates based on various metrics, making it unreliable for monthly expenses like rent.

Kennar revealed that it took two years before he started earning money from YouTube, despite being in the content creation industry for three years. He advised content creators to focus on creating content that attracts advertisers, such as pay-per-click YouTube ads from global companies like Amazon.

However, Kennar mentioned that partnering with brands and advertising on their behalf on one’s channel can be more lucrative, as it allows for the negotiation of payment terms.

Apart from content creation, Kennar manages his restaurant, Instant Delicacies, to expand his business ventures and provide employment opportunities to his friends. He believes in using his financial blessings to help others and make a positive impact on society.

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