Conditions for marrying Shakilla will shock you!

20-year-old socialite Shakilla has shared some very demanding requirements for a man who wants to marry her.

In a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, Shakilla answered a fan who was curious about the requirements to marry her.

The 6 conditions are below;

-$150,000 dowry price

-100 camels

-Shopping voucher of $4,000

-Real estate property under my name

-Range rover velar 2020

-Monthly babe allowance of $1,500

Another fan was curious about what it takes to take her on a date and Shakilla answered,

-Downpayment of $100

-Using nothing less than iPhone 12 pro max

-Pay for her makeup and outfit

-Pick up car must have a chauffeur

-Must be a good photographer

-5-star hotel

The socialite added that Tanzanian men are unattractive to her since they struggle to speak English well.

This comes after the Tanzanian model Calisah exposed the Queen of Streets, as she goes by, for simping in his DMS.


As seen in the screenshots, Shakilla was the first to text the former Mr. Tanzania, and she sent him flirtatious messages. “Hi Calisah,” this was Shakilla’s first message to the model and he responded, “hey hey”. She still continued messaging him saying, “I was scared at first that you wouldn’t reply ” but this time Calisah did not respond to him.

Prior to this, Shakilla had posted that she will be charging $50 just to reply to DMs.

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