Alex Mwakideu: I Don’t Trust My Wife

  • Alex Mwakideo reveals that he trusts very few people, including his wife. He mentions that the only person he used to trust was his late mother
  • Alex shares that the only person he considers truly loyal in his life is his high school schoolmate. 

Speaking on Dr Kingori’s The Wicked Edition, show, renowned radio presenter Alex Mwakideo revealed that he trusts very few people, least of all his wife. The only person he used to trust is his late mother.

When asked whether trust is the basis of marriage, he said nowadays people don’t marry because of trust. However, he admitted to loving his wife very much, although he would never take a bullet for her.

He narrated that the only loyal man he has ever met in his life is his high school schoolmate. He narrates that while in high school, all his items were stolen as a consequence of bullying. Alex decided tit for tat is a fair game.

His friends helped him steal back the items, which were textbooks that had been stolen by bullies. Alex and his two friends later started stealing the textbooks and selling them to book vendors outside the school. They used to hide the stolen books in a nearby forest. One day, Mwakideu’s friend was caught with the stolen books.

The boy was expelled, and even despite threats he still did not mention his fellow accomplice, Mwakideo. The boy was promised that if he mentioned his fellow Accomplice Mwakideu, he would be spared. Mwakideo says he is friends with the guy to date.

His opinion on opposite-gender relationships is that it’s hard for a man to have female friends. He adds that online name tarnishing should never make you distance yourself from your friend just because their name has been tarnished online.

He says that when your name is getting tarnished online, this is the best time to know people who are truly loyal to you and who would stand by you.

He further adds that his wife knows all his phone passwords and that she manages his Instagram account. His wife blocks any ladies who seduce him in his Instagram inbox. He adds that he is loyal to his country Kenya, and would never switch citizenship. He was once offered a job in Germany but he refused.

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