“Adhiambo” Video vixen, Brenda Otieno Threatens To Remove The Song Off YouTube.

  • Brenda Otieno asked for ksh 4 million or a 20% cut of the earnings for making the song trend on YouTube or rather take legal action.

Alongside others, Brenda appeared as a video vixen in the Bahati and Prince Indah’s Adhiambo music video, which was released a year ago. During that time, the song has received over 22 million views on YouTube.

In a recent interview, the enraged video vixen demanded her dues. Even though the song has gone viral on the internet, she believes Bahati has remained quiet on the issue at hand.

Brenda claims that she and others spent the entire day working on the video. She is now requesting ksh4 million from Bahati, or a 20% revenue split from the song.

Brenda Atieno, asked for the funds on social media last year, which he claims Bahati ignored afterwards. And she is giving him one final chance to pay before she is obliged to take legal action against him.

” I am not requesting; I am demanding to be paid. It has been one year and these people have not paid me. They used me, I don’t want to be associated with that video if Bahati will not pay me. I need 4 million or else Bahati must pull down the video. And after pulling it down, he must compensate me for the one year the video has been trending.” Said Brenda Otieno

According to Bahati, he claimed to have paid Kenya shillings 1 million for the Vixen services of the song.

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