A Young Kenyan Prophetess Claims That The World Will End Next Week

  • Kenyan prophetess claimed she got a vision that the world would end on May 20, 2024.
  • In a viral Tiktok video, she claimed to have had a dream predicting when the world would end.

In an interview, she stated, “I am a prophetess; at exactly 11:59PM on May 20th, the world will end.” I slept and dreamed that the world would end, so people should sell their stuff and stay indoors, but it would not go well for people in love.”

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Her statements sparked outrage on social media, with many individuals labeling her forecast as phony. Many questions arose as netizens pondered where they would sell their properties if the world ended.”Who will buy the things.

On the other hand, a few people who believed in her prophecy urged everyone to exercise caution in case it came true. In a different incident, a Kenyan preacher was seen praying against Pastor Ezekiel Odero during a service on April 25.

The preacher had expressed worries about the power that Pastor Ezekiel employs to make people fall to the ground during prayers.

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