Kamiti Prison Warden Arrested During a Protest Outside Parliament

The officer, Jackson Kuria Kihara was arrested on July 9 after he was spotted shouting outside the entrance of the Senate.

According to a police statement it was reported by officers manning the Senate gate that there was a person protesting at the said gate.

For this reason, the duty officer and team rushed to the said place and found Kihara yelling while displaying a placard written “WE WANT JUSTICE AND NOT AND NOT YOUR DEEPEST CONDOLENCES”.

He was arrested and escorted to the station. After interrogations he identified himself as a serving prison officer stationed at Kamiti medium prison.

The officer in-charge Kamiti medium prison was contacted and he confirmed the officer works under his command and is currently facing disciplinary proceedings.

He has been placed in custody for the offence of participating in unlawful assembly.

His arrest comes following recent Anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests where some youths breached security around the area and forcefully gained access to parliament.


Aston Lukoye

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