Bees Attack Three Kenyans For Refusing To Refund Money Sent Wrong Via Mpesa

Drama has ensued in Nairobi town after a swarm of bees have arrested 3 Kenyans on refusing to refund Ksh 56,000 sent wrongly in one of the victims Mpesa as new details emerge.

Here is the Unfoldings.

Speaking at the scene, the victims who are grieving in pain has been heard confessing in public that they received money via mpesa on Monday and declined to refund despite receiving several calls from the owner of the money.

Jamlick Gate one of the victims has said that he regrets taking the money and that he is ready to refund the money requesting one member of the public to help him reach out to the owner of the cash giving out his number.

Speaking via phone the owner of the money a Lady from Kitui Jecinta Wanza has said that he is ready and willing to forgive them if the full amount is refunded plus an extra 30,000 for wasting his time and energy.


Saying “Siwezi wasamehea, I pleaded them to take 6K and send 50K but they did not listen. I called Dr Mugwenu via his number 0740637248 and when he asked me how we should Arrest them, I said by use of bees. It has happened in less than 24 hrs and I thank God since the money was meant to cater a hospital bill for my mother.”

“When they pay me all the amount, I will release them,” Jècinta has said via phone a remark that ĥas left the members of public in a shock.


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