How DCI-Safaricom Plan To Combat Crime

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has reaffirmed its commitment to enhance collaboration with Safaricom, a leading mobile communication service provider, in its efforts to offer essential services to Kenyans.

During a visit to the DCI headquarters, Mr. Mohamed Amin, the Director of Criminal Investigations, met with a delegation of top managers from Safaricom led by Mr. James Kiama, the head of Route to Customer at Safaricom PLC.

DCI dedication

The meeting served as a platform to discuss the shared goal of combating fraud cases committed through Safaricom’s mobile phone network. Mr. Amin emphasized the DCI’s dedication to working closely with Safaricom, recognizing the need for a collaborative approach between the service provider and security agencies to tackle the increasing sophistication of technologically savvy criminals.

Addressing the rapid advancements in technology, Mr. Amin stressed the importance of adapting strategies to effectively combat crimes committed through mobile phone networks. To this end, the DCI and Safaricom have embraced various initiatives, including strengthening information sharing platforms such as social media. These platforms aim to raise public awareness, educate individuals on detecting and preventing mobile phone network-related crimes.

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In support of their collaborative efforts, Safaricom has provided valuable assistance to the DCI by printing the 7th edition of the quarterly DCI magazine. This publication, which offers insights and information on combating crime, was graciously received at the DCI headquarters during the visit. Safaricom’s support, along with that of esteemed stakeholders and partners such as KCB, Equity Bank, DTB Bank, among others, has enabled the DCI to disseminate valuable resources free of charge.

The meeting also saw the presence of Mr. Ireri Kamwende, the DCI Deputy Director, and Mr. Tony Munga, the Director of Liaison & Communications, among other officials.

DCI keen to protect

The partnership between the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Safaricom highlights their joint commitment to protect Kenyans from the perils of mobile phone network fraud. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, they aim to foster a safer digital environment while empowering the public with knowledge to identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

As the collaboration continues to strengthen, the DCI and Safaricom aspire to stay at the forefront of combating emerging technological threats, ensuring the well-being and security of all Kenyans.

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