Andrew Kibe Unveils Five Reasons Why He Won’t Get Married Again

A well-known Kenyan YouTuber Andrew Kibe has categorically stated his disapproval of getting married a second time.

Kibe clarified his clear settle during a recent session on his YouTube channel, eliminating any lingering doubts about his intentions.

A request from a female fan asking if he would consider marrying her prompted his confession as Kibe answered firmly “No.”

He built on this position by offering five strong arguments that demonstrate his disagreement with marriage.

Kibe’s perspective on the turbulent character of the vows of marriage is one of his main concerns.

He has stated that he does not see the need for or benefit in pursuing another marriage, having been married for four years himself, saying, “Did you hear me saying I don’t want a wife? What will I do with a wife, do I need one?

His opinion against making the same commitment again has been strengthened by the resentment he feels from his first marriage.

Kibe expressed his thoughts, adding that a marriage or even a girlfriend would interfere with his existing way of life.

He thinks that persistent questioning and never-ending questioning would make it difficult for him to continue living the way he does.

Kibe continued by listing further justifications for his opposition to marriage.

He expressed anger at the custom of wives dragging them around to social gatherings, which he finds unpleasant.

He also criticised the expectation that people participate in religious rituals like prayer because they could not be in line with their own personal preferences.

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