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“Ndoto yangu nikuwa President” Stivo Simple Boy Discusses His Desires to Become President

Stivo Simple Boy, a well-known Kenyan rapper noted for his distinctive use of Kiswahili and fascinating lyrics, recently made news when he declared his desire to run for president of Kenya.

Stephen Otieno, better known by his stage name Stivo Simple Boy, is well-known in Kenya’s music scene for his unique combination of hip-hop rhythms with Kiswahili lyrics. His songs, which deal with issues in society like poverty and inequality, connect with listeners who value his straightforward storytelling.

Due to his distinctive musical style and message, Stivo Simple Boy’s unexpected announcement that he would run for president of Kenya has garnered a lot of attention. He thinks he can infuse more structure into government and provide a new viewpoint to politics.

Simple Boy has presented some significant ideas for Kenya, although he hasn’t provided a whole political manifesto:

Youth Empowerment: He wants to give young people in the nation the chance to succeed in a variety of occupations.
Fighting Corruption: He promises to take on Kenya’s enduring corruption problem and make sure that public funds are used for the good of the country.
Quality Education: Simple Boy stresses the significance of providing everyone, regardless of background, with quality education.

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Healthcare Access: He wants to ensure that everyone in Kenya has access to a cost-effective healthcare system.

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