John Njoroge: A Kikuyu businessman making ksh 30,000 a day working part-time selling ‘mutura’ in YUES.

John Njoroge is a Kikuyu businessman who earns ksh 30,000 a day partime selling Mutura in YUES.

Selling Mutura in the United States is very profitable. Unlike in Kenya, Njoroge makes at least Ksh30,000 all through the late hours.

John Njoroge, also known as “Njoro” a kikuyu, is a 30-year-old form four leaver who is currently residing in the United States. In Kenya, he comes from Kiambu and is a widely known as Mutura supplier.

How John Njoroge arrived in the United States.

Before the 2020 COVID epidemic, Njoroge won a green card lottery for the first time. He was hosted by someone who they met through Facebook.

According to him, It took him some time to settle in the United States. An area he had only seen in movies and had no idea if it existed.
While in the United States, Njoroge, an established Mutura businessman in Kenya, believed that it was not the end. Through a friend who adored partying, he was introduced to several  clubs within. This is when he arrived at a 24-hour operational club, where he chose to continue his Kenyan business of selling Mutura abroad.

On a terrible day, John Njoroge sells at least Ksh10,000. On a good day, he can earn up to Ksh30,000, inclusive of business tips.

A slice of mutura costs $5, which is equivalent to 500 Kenyan shillings, as sold by Njoroge. Catering mostly to the majority of people in clubs.

He starts his business in the evening and closes it in the late hours of the night.

He claims that he has even considered about opening branches in different states given that the business is thriving.

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